Ideas on Where to Stay In Jamaica On A Budget

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where to stay in jamaica

Many people dream of vacationing in Jamaica, a small island that has had a huge influence on the rest of the world. This legendary destination evokes affection and passion in those who are yet to visit and brings about dreamy looks on the faces of persons who visit. Have you ever visited the island? If yes, then you will know how important it is to be comfortable, happy, and well taken care of on your holiday. You can have this experience in Jamaica as the true island hospitality will be felt whether you are staying in a guest house or five-star resort.

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Where to Stay in Jamaica for Couples

When next you visit Jamaica you can opt to stay in Kingston, the capital city or in other areas along the north and south coast. A variety of hotel accommodations can be found in Kingston. Ocho Rios and Montego Bay are popular tourist destinations with cruise ship ports and they boast most of the major hotels or resorts, shopping areas, and attractions. Negril is also popular on the western tip with its remarkable seven-mile beach and cliffs, but is offering a different feel thanks to smaller exclusive hotels and laid back atmosphere. Port Antonio is offering the most attractive countryside, located on the quieter and calmer side of the island. The coastal areas are becoming destinations and they include places such as Runaway Bay, Discovery Bay, and Treasure Beach.

Different Types of Accommodation for Your Stays in Jamaica

where to stay in jamaica for couples

  1. Hotels or Resorts:
  2. There are large chain hotels, all-inclusive resorts and small hotels on the island. Jamaica actually has more all-inclusive hotels/resorts than any other Caribbean island. You will find more than thirty in the popular coastal areas, offering something for travelers on any budget, as well as the advantage of enjoying a holiday where everything is taken care of completely before your arrival, from the airport transfers to the meals and drinks. All-inclusive resorts are generally large establishments which are well-equipped with several pools, restaurants and bars. They fall in two categories for the most, one is reserved for honeymooners and couples and the other caters for family holidays.

    You can stay at large chain accommodations such as the all-inclusive Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort in Montego Bay or well-known Sandals resorts. If you are looking for something different from the large resorts without going completely local, there are many smaller budget hotels available with elegant and intimate surroundings as well as a more personal service.

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  3. Villas:
  4. The island of Jamaica values family and friends getting together to enjoy quality time and cook delicious meals. If something like this appeal to you, then you might want to stay at one of the beautiful villas on the island. These accommodations are available in a variety of sizes and will offer different rates. There are sprawling villas with multiple suites such as the Golden Clouds, large palatial types such as Half Moon Royal, and quaint ones like the Moondance with strong island influence. A villa rental will be the perfect accommodation for longer stays and larger groups as well as for anyone who wants privacy and the feel of staying in a home setting.

    stays in jamaica

  5. Apartments:
  6. One of the self-catering apartments which are fully equipped could be the ideal choice for your holiday if you enjoy being spontaneous, doing your own thing and want to experience the island at your own pace. There are many excellent choices available to suit any budget.

  7. Beach Cabins:
  8. Jamaica has romantic, charming, laid-back, and very affordable beach cabins where you can enjoy an exotic island holiday without spending a lot of money. Beach cabins, and at times cottages, are normally very basic accommodations with small verandas, thatch-roofs, and one or two rooms. These are especially common in the north and can be found on the finest beaches. A stay in one of these cabins will give you a local feel and great views from a stunning spot on the edge of the beach.

  9. Eco Lodges:
  10. The eco-tourism concept has been embraced in Jamaica in recent years, so you will now find plenty of these accommodation choices. There are full-fledged resorts, eco-hotels like the Mocking Bird Hill, which is a green boutique retreat located between the Caribbean Sea and the Blue Mountains, and self-sustaining eco-villages with separate cottages and huts in secluded coves.

  11. Guest Houses:
  12. Where to stay in Jamaica on a budget? You will find some of the best guest houses in the Caribbean on this island. Visitors usually come back to the guest houses over and over again to enjoy the well-known Jamaican hospitality. There are only few other places around where the people are welcoming and friendly, the beds are comfortable, and the service is warm as in Jamaica.

  13. Bed and Breakfast:
  14. A stay in a bed and breakfast can give you a fascinating insight into the real Jamaican family life. Here you can interact with the locals and learn patois, enjoy home cooked and authentic Jamaican fare, swap tales on the veranda, play dominoes, and listen to reggae classics.

In Conclusion

As you can see, you will be spoilt for choices when deciding where to stay in Jamaica on your next visit. In the end, it will really come down to your personal preferences.


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