Why Jamaica Is One Of The Top Places for Destination Weddings

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top places for destination weddings

Many couples are now choosing exotic locations around the world for their weddings. The Caribbean Islands are popular places for these weddings, especially Jamaica. Now, this is an island to choose if you have been dreaming about the perfect wedding in paradise. Keep reading to find out why Jamaica is one of the top places for destination weddings.

There is a popular saying that good things come in small packages and this is true for Jamaica. Although it’s just a small dot in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, couples can have one of the most exciting experiences on the island. With nearly 700 miles of coastlines, beautiful beaches, laidback spirit, friendly locals, warm climate and more, this island has been the top destination wedding spot for decades. Many couples come here to host intimate weddings as well as extravagant affairs with large number of guests.

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Why Jamaica Is One of the Most Popular Destination Wedding Locations

best destination wedding locations

  1. Jamaica might very well be the place where the trend started for weddings away from home. This is not surprising since it offers gold and white sand beaches which go on for miles, mountains which are covered with luxurious foliage, and more.
  2. It’s easy for couples to get married on the island. You only have to be on the island for forty-eight hours and complete some paperwork to have a wedding here.
  3. The price is also a big reason. Wedding packages are available in different price ranges and you have many amazing options for ceremonies such as beach, garden, or lavish plantation style mansions, to choose from. There is something to fit everyone’s budget, from all-inclusive resorts to hotels and private villas to guest houses.
  4. The friendly people, multiple attractions, and breath-taking scenery helps to make a wedding in Jamaica feels like home.
  5. jamaican weddings

  6. Jamaica provides more than palm trees and beaches as it is immersed in culture – reggae, indigenous spices, Rastafarianism, and a laid-back fun loving atmosphere.
  7. The food choices are unique, delicious and interesting, with options to satisfy the taste buds of everyone at weddings.
  8. Jamaica has also hosted hundreds of thousands of weddings because it offers some great locations. From the laid-back environment of Negril to the natural splendor of Ocho Rios and the vitality and convenience of Montego Bay, the island has a special charm and personality that keeps romantic couples coming back for more.
  9. The island offers amazing backdrop for photos. Rolling hills, lush gardens, vibrant nightlife, astounding sunsets, and beautiful sun kissed beaches make it the perfect romantic wedding destination. Jamaica glows in Technicolor with Blue Mountains spilling onto turquoise seas, verdant plains, and shimmering sands. The beaches are especially wonderful, with lots of options ranging from private coves to long stretches of white-sand.
  10. There is a lot to do on this charming island. The culture is something different so something interesting is always going on. You can never get bored if you choose this destination for your wedding. Some of the options include visiting great houses, rafting down rivers, climbing Dunn’s River Falls, swimming with dolphins and more. The adventures are limitless.
  11. The wide collection of resorts and hotels showcase the wonderful diversity of this island. You can opt to have your wedding on the beach, on a boat or in the lush rainforest.

Top Destination Wedding Locations In Jamaica

best beach weddings

Negril: This town has some of the most striking and dramatic coastlines in the world. Its home to the famous Seven Mile Beach that offers some amazing sunsets and rugged cliffs where colorful Caribbean waters crash into limestone formations and persons dive into waves below. Swimming, diving, snorkeling, and sunbathing activities are popular here. The relatively underdeveloped areas add to its charm, making it a top choice for beach weddings.

Montego Bay: This area is on the northwest part of the island, a well-known hotspot which has beautiful beaches, unforgettable nightlife, a lively downtown, and friendly locals. The resorts and beaches cater to all travelers, which mean that great amenities are available both on land and on the water. These range from excellent golfing to rafting on the river, all elements that helps to make Montego Bay attractive for beach weddings. Choose this iconic tourist hub if you are looking for the ultimate in convenience and service.

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Ocho Rios: A former fishing port, this town boasts amazing waterfalls, vibrant nightlife, and rocky gorges. It is home to the famed Dunn’s River Falls, and is offering everything from exceptional golf, horseback riding on the ocean to reggae music. Dunn’s River Falls is rated as one of the most photographed landmarks in Jamaica. Aside from the waterfalls, Ocho Rios is a popular stop for tourist cruise lines, excursions such as rainforest zip lining, as well as river tubing and rafting. The waterfalls and gardens in this area will provide beautiful backdrops for weddings.

Treasure Beach: This hub of sleepy fishing villages will offer authentic Jamaican experience, being far removed from the large city crowds. A cove-filled coastline on the southern part, Treasure Beach has a friendly, laidback, and authentic Jamaican community spirit that make it ideal for anyone who wants to go off-the-beaten-path. It’s a great area to explore Jamaica’s private coves, stunning beaches, lush rainforest, rocky coastline, secluded waterfalls, rivers, and mineral baths on romantic retreats.

In Summary

As you can see, there are many reasons why Jamaica is one of the top places for destination weddings. When you get married in this country, you will be provided with more than enough possibilities that can surprise even travelers who are seasoned with its flavorful choices and endless heart. The laid-back spirit of this island guarantees activity-filled visits, yet still a completely pampering and relaxing destination for weddings. Whether you want to visit the Bob Marley museum, tour a coffee or rum farm or go snorkeling on a secluded beach, destination weddings in Jamaica can be romantic, playful and adventurous. Choose Jamaica for the ultimate combination of romance and relaxation!


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