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Jamaica is home to dozens of beautiful beaches and thanks to our tropical marine climate, beach season is all year round. Are you in need of some sun, sand and relaxation? Are you longing for a swim in the cool Caribbean sea? Well then, get your beach body in check, and let’s hit the road.

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Jamaica is a well-known island country located in the Caribbean with a population of nearly three million. Increasingly more people are choosing this destination for holidays simply because it offers good weather throughout the year, beautiful scenery and beaches, plus a wide range of resorts and activities. If you are thinking of visiting in the

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Planning on visiting Jamaica and not sure what to do outside your resort? Look no further! We have the hottest places to visit in Jamaica that will be worth your time. Whether you want a romantic drive, action packed hike, connecting with nature or a walk back in time, Jamaica has something for everyone. Fern

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Picture miles of white sandy beaches, friendly locals, unique and mouth watering food, picture perfect weather all year round, relaxing spas, adventure packed island exploration tours, lively clubs and bars, these are just some of the entertainment that make Jamaica and ideal stop for cruise ships. Why A Cruise Package to Jamaica? Jamaica has it

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We all have that annoying friend that’s constantly pissing us off while we’re stuck at the office and they’re out and about just hamming it up and enjoying life. You know the one, always taking pictures of their food, always on some amazing mid week adventure and always, always posting pics of how their latest