6 Tips On Getting Plane Tickets To Jamaica for Cheap

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plane tickets to jamaica

So you are ready to book your trip to the tropical paradise that is Jamaica. The crystal clear waters, rum punch and mouth watering jerk chicken is calling your name. The only thing holding you back from heaven and relaxation are those pesky airlines and their high ticket prices. How to find the best plane tickets to Jamaica you ask?

I have done all the hard work for you, and I am ready to get you to heaven.

Here are six simple steps that will get you closer to the white sandy beaches you crave. Follow these steps to find the best plane tickets to Jamaica. The beach is calling your name!

What you’ll learn in this post:
learning 1 Why your friends could come in handy in you saving.
learning 2 How pulling the trigger early could cost you.
learning 3 The not so ancient tool that could save you money.

Here’s Your Six Tips On Tickets to Jamaica

  1. Best time to buy plane tickets to Jamaica.
  2. You might be ready to fly away now, but by choosing the right time of the year to fly to Jamaica can save you hundreds. Like every destination that is worth it, there are high peak and low peak periods for travel. The best time to fly to Jamaica is mid April to December.

    However the most optimal months are September and October. The hotels will also not be as crowded and the airline prices will be lower as well. September to October is hurricane season in Jamaica, this is why prices are lower.

    Before you book check with each airline on their policy with regards to weather, or simply purchase the travel insurance. Prices should be low enough to get the best ticket prices to Jamaica, insurance and still save.

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  3. Let someone else look for you.
  4. Why labor hours and hours looking from website to website trying to find the best prices on tickets to Jamaica, when someone else can do all the work for you? Websites like, and to name a few allow you to set up email notifications when the prices of airline tickets change on any airline.

    Signing up for these notifications only takes a few minutes. You will have to give them a good email address as well as your destination of choice. Taking only these few moments can save you hours. You can set it and forget it!

    The site you choose will email you immediately when airlines drop the fares on your destination of choice. Jamaica, here you come!

  5. Knowledge is power.
  6. Knowing when to book is also a major part in getting the best plane tickets to Jamaica. If you don’t have time for fare watcher websites, or the patience to wait till September the off season, the day of the week you book can determine when you can get best plane tickets to Jamaica.

    Low airfares are traditionally published by the airlines Sunday night to Monday night. When these fares are made available, the airlines allow you up to 24 hours to reserve these cheap flights.

    At midnight Tuesday this grace period to purchase these tickets ends. On Tuesday all the fares that have not been bought are flooded back to airlines. This is the time to get the best tickets to Jamaica. Strike while the airlines need you to book.

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  7. Book round trip plane tickets to Jamaica over the phone.
  8. Tuesday night at midnight, cheap tickets are added back into the airline’s system. These tickets however may not appear online in the airline system. This is your time to put your tablet or computer down and use the good old telephone method to book.

    By calling the toll free airline reservations phone line, you will gain real time access to these newly available seats. Besides getting the best tickets to Jamaica, there are other perks in calling in as well. Calling the airlines directly can help you avoid their extra charge in choosing your seat over the phone. This way may give you better seats without paying higher prices they impose online.

  9. Early bird does not always catch the worm.
  10. flights to jamaicaWe have always been told buy early for the best prices. However, buying tickets too early may not give you the best tickets to Jamaica. Unless you have a set time you have to go to Jamaica, buying early can gain you nothing.

    Airlines base their prices on previous year’s sales not on current demand. You may not need to buy early to save. Some airlines also offer last minute sales when flights are not booked up. If you can fly away at the last minute, booking a week in advance or even a few days in advance can also get you the best plane tickets to Jamaica.

    If you are flexible and you can wait it out go for it! If you like to plan, then the 45-60 days in advance may get you the best prices.

  11. Off days are the best days for flights to Jamaica.
  12. Everyone wants the weekend getaways to paradise and Jamaica is no exception. If you can fly to Jamaica from the middle of the week, not on the Friday, do it. Friday to Mondays are the busiest travel days and the most expensive.

    Besides being cheaper than the weekend, mid week flights are usually less crowded and tend to be more on time over weekend flights. Hotels may also offer lower rates during the week as well, saving both ways.

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Takeaways On Tickets to Jamaica

Your adventure in paradise awaits! I hope you are ready to sip on some rum, sink your feet in the white sands and lay out in the Caribbean sun. You now have the info on finding the best plane tickets to Jamaica… happy searching.


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