3 Reasons Why Jamaica Is One Of The Most Romantic Caribbean Islands

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When it comes to showing love as a married couple or a single person who is yet to tie the knot or have just gotten married, a romantic holiday is always the real choice. If you are looking for this type of getaway, the Caribbean islands or specifically Jamaica is one of the best places to visit. This island is considered one of the most beautiful and romantic places to go in the world today. Find out more below as this article highlight a few reasons why Jamaica is one of the most romantic Caribbean islands to visit.

Known for its reggae music, unique local cuisine, Rastafarian culture, Blue Mountain coffee, white sandy beaches, lush tropical rain forests, misty mountains, cruise ships and Montego Bay, Jamaica has lots to offer persons on romantic holidays. This popular island is a kaleidoscope of beauty and its many alluring offerings are more than enough to keep visitors coming back over and over again.

What you’ll learn in this post:
learning 1 Why Jamaica is paradise on earth.
learning 2 Where many of the romantic Caribbean resorts are located in Jamaica.
learning 3 The best things you can do in Jamaica on your romantic Caribbean getaway.

Why Jamaica Is 1 of the Most Romantic Places to Go


  1. It has many tropical wonders.
  2. With average temperature of 81 degrees Fahrenheit year round, Jamaica is certainly one of the best places to vacation when you want to escape from the cold winter. Aside from the warm sun of the coastal areas, this tropical haven has lush highlands like the famous Blue Mountains which offer a relief from harsh weather. There are also many adventures around for nature lovers who are looking to explore the marvels of this island. The ocean has numerous species of aquatic mammals and fish coral, while the lowlands and mountains boast unique varieties of flowers, perennials, and trees.

  3. Jamaica is a paradise on earth.
  4. This island is filled with spectacular waterfalls, rivers, streams, mountains, plains, and rivers. All of which promises endless activities that couples can enjoy while spending time in one of the most romantic places in the world. There are hundreds of miles of stunning coastline featuring cool and crystal clear waters, so the white sand beaches have always been the biggest tourist magnets. Lovers and couples have lots of spaces to share intimate moments on the long coastline under the sun.

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  5. Relatively cheap and easy to travel.
  6. Flights are relatively cheap and frequent so it is very easy for persons to reach Jamaica. It is equally easy to find one of the top 10 most romantic Caribbean resorts here. There are three major tourist areas in Jamaica, Negril, Montego Bay, and Ocho Rios. Out of the three, Negril is a popular choice for romantic holidays because of its beaches and ritzy accommodations.

Whether you opt to visit Negril, Ocho Rios, Portland, Montego Bay, or the South Coast, you are sure to get lost in the beauty of the island.

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Some Things to Do on Jamaica Romantic Getaways

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Every couple who visits Jamaica should check out the exotic Blue Lagoon, which is quite easily the most romantic spot on the island. It is located close to Port Antonio and famous for its deep blue and green hues which range from cobalt to intense emerald. It is said that the water boast an aphrodisiac effect, reaches a depth of almost 200 feet and changes as the sun goes over it during the day. You will be in for a real treat if you choose to scuba dive, raft, kayak, snorkel, or swim in enchanting waters which is a crystal clear and warm mix of Caribbean Sea and icy cold streams which feed the blue lagoon from below the ground.

Another popular activity is kayaking and tubing down the river. The White River in Ocho Rios is one of the best places for this and there are experienced guides available to take couples on a breath-taking trip across three miles. You can enjoy many enchanting lagoons and challenging rapids amidst the changing moods and pace of the white river as well as pass through bamboo groves and coconut plantations. When the ride ends, you can disembark to have a relaxing time at the Parrot Bar or shop for some of the finest Jamaican products.

Kayaking will be ideal if you want an adventure that is less laid back. On this trip, you would paddle through crystal clear waters under lush tropical vegetation and cascading rapids.

Rafting is one of the premier attractions in Jamaica and you can experience this on the Martha Brae River. Located in Falmouth, this river is offering two main attractions – the stunning Glistening waters with its Luminous Lagoon and the thrills of bamboo rafting. For this trip, an experienced raft captain will take you on a thirty foot bamboo raft to experience a romantic adventure. This unique experience encompasses over three miles of picturesque and beautiful river that every couple will enjoy. The river has a rare phosphorescent microbe living in a shallow warm area where freshwater and salt combines to give off a stunning glow. The best part of this trip is when the bamboo raft stops for riders to swim in the shallow lagoon areas. You can relax and swim in the warm tropical atmosphere and watch as the water glows all around.

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A glass bottom boat ride should be on our list if you want to experience one of the best Caribbean romantic vacations in Negril. Here you could go snorkeling, check out to the reef, or cruise along the cliffs or beach. There will be lot of things for you to do and see as the North Coast area has lots to offer in its crystal clear waters.

If you are an equestrian couple, you should not miss out on the thrills of riding a horse from the countryside to a beautiful shoreline and into the ocean. There will be a knowledgeable guide giving constant narration of the area, scenery, and the country in general.

Jamaica and Romance In Summary

These are just of some the reasons why Jamaica is one of the most romantic Caribbean islands. This gorgeous and affordable island has something available for everyone. The offerings keep getting better and better for couples who are looking for romantic adventures.


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