How To Plan Cheap Trips to Jamaica ( TIPS & TRICKS )

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cheap trips to jamaica

Jamaica is a well-known island country located in the Caribbean with a population of nearly three million. Increasingly more people are choosing this destination for holidays simply because it offers good weather throughout the year, beautiful scenery and beaches, plus a wide range of resorts and activities. If you are thinking of visiting in the near future, then you have come to the right place as this article has information on how to get cheap trips to Jamaica.


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learning 3 Times and Events to Plan Your Trip Around.

Getting Excited About Your Trip to Jamaica?

A trip to Jamaica can be very memorable and enjoyable, even if you have a tight budget. There will be plenty of things for you to do, from relaxing on wonderful beaches to enjoying a vibrant nightlife in many towns and villages. Jamaica is home to the popular reggae music, but you can also enjoy other kinds of music such as jazz and steel band.

One of the important expenses for your travel budget would be the cost to get there. The best way to do this on a tight or limited budget is to look for the cheaper accommodations, flights, attractions, and eating places.

How to Plan Cheap Trips to Jamaica

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  1. Select the time when you want to travel. A holiday in the off season, which is from mid-April to December, will give you a chance to take advantage of discounted hotel rooms and other packages.
  2. Decide on a region to visit. Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, and the capital Kingston are the most known tourist towns and places. However, there are many other places that you could visit such as Port Antonio, Treasure Beach, Port Royal, or Discovery Bay. Bear in mind that the main access to Jamaica by plane is through the major airports in Montego Bay and Kingston.
  3. Make your flight and hotel reservations. Choose an airline that is offering direct flights to the island or one that offers both domestic and international flights.

    There are a wide variety of accommodations in Jamaica, including hotels, guest houses, cottages, beach cabins, home-stays, and camping places. A home-stay accommodation will be one of the cheaper options. Choosing one of these options will give you a chance to experience the everyday life in Jamaica as well as the possibility to explore unique sites or the areas which are not popular with tourist. You should make plans for your trip well in advance and reserve your accommodation once you decide on the travel dates to take advantage of the low cost packages.
  4. Plan your holiday itinerary. If you are not traveling alone, you should choose events and attractions that everyone will enjoy. Create a schedule that is flexible enough for everyone to check out their favorite sites.

Places to Go and Things to Do

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You can make your plans to visit places and do some exciting activities based on where you are staying and the length of your trip.

There are many great beaches where you can spend one or two days, a number of things to do and many places to visit. Some of the popular attractions include Nine Miles (the hometown of Bob Marley), Dunn’s River Falls, Bob Marley Museum, Milk River Spa, Dolphin Cove, Lover’s Leap, Blue Lagoon, and many more. One of the key things to keep in mind is that the admittance fees are often different for tourists to visit most of the attractions.

If you enjoy water sport activities, you could schedule some memorable adventure excursions. You could do things such as swimming with dolphins and sharks, surfing, fishing, jet skiing, snorkelling, or riding on rafts down tranquil rivers. There are a few waterfalls as well and you can also go tubing or touring on a safari.

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Depending on the time of year that you are taking your holiday, you could make plans to attend a number of events in Jamaica. Some of the popular events include the Jamaica Carnival during April, Ocho Rios Jazz Festival during June, Negril Carnival during May, Reggae Sumfest in July to August, Port Antonio Blue Marlin Tournament during October, just to name a few. You could also attend several other smaller events, concerts, and festivals. If you are not interested in attending any particular event, you can always enjoy many other things such as mountain biking, golfing, and horseback riding on land and sea.

Some of the noteworthy sites include plantations with coffee or banana, fishing parks, botanical gardens as well as many cultural and historical places.

When you are in Jamaica you should try some of the delicious local dishes such as rice and peas, ackee and salt fish, jerk pork and jerk chicken.

In Summary

Overall, planning your holidays ahead of time will help to ensure that you are able to make use of the low cost flights and accommodations. The amount that you save on cheap trips to Jamaica will make it possible for you to visit more attractions and do a number of activities.


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