( INFOGRAPHIC ) – Why Is Usain Bolt So Fast?

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usain bolt inforgraphic

Have you ever wondered what makes Usain Bolt the world’s fastest sprinter?

Is it really the Jamaican Yam and Banana or Is it his favorite snack, chicken nuggets? Is it because he’s dedicated to his practice routine or loves to let loose and party? Everyone really wants to know.

We’re sure even the envious American sprinters from Beijing and other competitions would love to get his secret sauce. Even put him to sleep, capture him and test him in their state of the art track labs. Just ask Gatlin who’s done all he can and has still yet to beat the Jamaican Sprint King.

Do you want to know his secret for yourself? Well here’s a great infographic breaking Usain down bit by bit. Enjoy!

Here’s the Usain Bolt Infographic

Usain Bolt: The Bolt Body Breakdown

by first10.


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Why Do You Think Usain Is So Fast?
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