37 Amazing Jamaican Vacation Pictures

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jamaica travel pics

We all have that annoying friend that’s constantly pissing us off while we’re stuck at the office and they’re out and about just hamming it up and enjoying life. You know the one, always taking pictures of their food, always on some amazing mid week adventure and always, always posting pics of how their latest vacation trip to the Caribbean was such a blast.

Yes that guy or girl! Admit it, you hate them right?

Well, before you use up all your Facebook or IG envy, it’s time to turn a little bit more green, because here are 37 of the best Jamaican travel pictures. Taken straight from that showoff coworker’s camera and delivered to you all in one fantastic post.

Sit back and enjoy, salivate, then prepare to book a ticket to the Caribbean, because who doesn’t love Jamaica right? This might just be the nudge you needed to take that well needed trip you’ve been putting off.


Here’s the Jamaican Travel Pics

1. First A Toast to Paradise

Jamaican Red Stripe Beer
Image via @aloke_c

2. Not Your Average Herbalist

local herbs man in jamaica
Image via @debbieannpowell

3. A Postcard from The Tropics

Jamaican Postcard

Image via @bure.roho

4. Swinging Into Life


Image via @memoirsofcash

5. Adventure to The North Coast of Jamaica

north coast adventure

Image via @extremenature

6. Fruits Are Essential to The Trip

fruits are a must

Image via @sherrbear66

7. Then It’s On to Fried Fish and Festival

fish and festival

Image via @itstoian

8. Then You Wash It Down With Coconut Water

water coconut

Image via @loclivin

9. After It’s A Quick Stretch Down by The River

yoga jamaica

Image via @jade_kristal

10. Oh… Nick Cannon Is Here In Jamaica Too

nick cannon

Image via @nickcannon

11. Surrounded By The Beauty of Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Image via @ital_jo876

12. Rafting Along The Martha Brae River

Martha Brae River

Image via @beeesu

13. Admiring The Tall Coconut Trees

more coconuts

Image via @samudamusixx

14. Working Up A Thirst

coconut sipping

Image via @itstoian

15. Thanks to Dready Keeping Us Hydrated

dready cutting

Image via @islandroadtripja

16. Appreciating The Beauty of Dolphin Cove

dolphin cove

Image via @dikenyan1

17. As Friends Go On to Explore Portland

Image via @dikenyan1

18. Some Swing Into Action

Image via @britz876

19. Others Splash In The Pool at Golden Eye Resort

golden eye

Image via @islandoutpost

20. Some Take Selfies On The Beach

Image via @cindy_wright

21. Yet Others Get Lost In The Moment

Image via @asrai972

22. Yes It Still Rain In Paradise

Image via @anothashutterbug

23. But There’s Food to Sit An Watch The Beauty of It All

Image via @jitalian

24. A View Better With Friends on Helshire Beach

Image via @talentedmarshay

25. A Bob Marley Drink for The Road

bob marley drink

Image via @wash_news

26. Some Sweet Guineps to Snack On


Image via @kandiemeka

27. Contemplating A Quick Dip By The Beach

Image via @tazsangel_ab & @akarambo_

28. Or Cliff Jumping at Rick’s Cafe Negril

cliff jumping

Image via @victorsgarbi_

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29. Maybe A Relaxing Lounge In The Cave

Image via @caribbeanbestplacestogo & @jamaica02

30. Even Swim and Work Up An Appetite Again


Image via @mattxrwill

31. Before The Sun Sets In Negril

negril sunset

Image via @throp

32. One Last Trip Along The River

Image via @ital_jo876

33. One Last Paddle by Doctors Beach

Doctors Beach

Image via

34. One Last Taste of Good Food

Image via @andre_senior_fl_realtor

35. Making Our Way to Golden Eye Resort

golden eye jamaica

Image via @islandoutpost

36.Enjoying The Dusk of The Day at Round Hill Villa

round hill villa

Image via @djd

37. Saying Cheers & Farewell from Negril Jamaica

Sunset In Negril Jamaica

Image via @broberso_nyc

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