19 Fun Facts About Jamaica You May Not Know

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interesting facts about jamaica

Jamaica is what?

If you thought Jamaica was only about Bob Marley, Reggae Music and lighting up some good herbs, then you’re in for a big surprise when you check out some of these facts below.

As a small nation, Jamaica has a lot of influence in the world and its people are amongst the most progressive. From education, to politics, to entertainment, Jamaica is not only a leader in the Caribbean, but the world.

Here are some interesting facts about Jamaica you may not have known.

On to The Fun Facts About Jamaica

1. Jamaica is Bananas

jamaica banana industry

If you don’t like bananas, blame Jamaica for it! If you do like bananas, well Jamaica is the reason why. Jamaica was the first country to export bananas establishing a global banana trade. Crop disease and major competition from Central America did the Jamaican banana trade in.

2. James Bond is Jamaican

james bond jamaica

On the shores of Ocho Rios James Bond was born! Ian Flemming the lived in Jamaica when he penned the famous 14 James Bond novels. Jamaica is Still home Golden Eye Hotel and Resort began as the luxurious home of Ian Flemming. The novels have inspired 23 James Bond Films, one even with the hotel name sake – Goldeneye from 1995.

3. More Coffee Please

marley coffee
image source

When you think of Jamaica you think sand and beaches, but many may not think coffee. Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the most sort after and expensive coffees on the market.

4. What Rastafarian?

rasta man

Think dreadlocks? Think Jamaica? When people think about Jamaica they think about the popular deadlock style. Only 2 percent of the Rastafarian population in the world live in Jamaica.

5. Everybody Say Amen!

jamaican church

Jamaicans are very religious people. Jamaica has the most churches per capita in the world. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Jamaica has over 1,600 “churches.”

6. Fresh From Abroad

sugar cane
image source

Jamaica’s indigenous people, the Arawaks cultivated corn and yams. The crops we know today like sugar cane, coconut, breadfruit, bamboo, bananas and mangoes and not native to Jamaica. The popular crops were imported at different times in Jamaica’s rich history.

7. Brrrr, Jamaicans Can Handle the Cold

jamaica bobsled team

If you have not seen the movie Cool Running by now you are missing out on comedy gold. The movie is based on the 1988 Jamaican bob sled team. The team was the first tropical country to enter a Winter Olympic event.

8. Independence and A Queen

queen elizabeth ii
image source

Jamaica was the first Caribbean nation to gain independence from the British Commonwealth in 1962. Jamaica had internal self government years before it became an independent nation. To this day Queen Elizabeth II remains the Queen of Jamaica but by tradition only.



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9. Raise Your Flags High

jamaican flag
image source

One of the most recognized flags in the world, the green, yellow and black Jamaican flag is only one of two countries in the world that has no colors in common with the flag of the United States of America. Mauritania the other country is green and yellow. The Jamaican flag is recognizable as the two yellow stripes intersect in an X with green filling in the top and bottom and black on either side.

10. All Aboard

jamaican train

Jamaica was the first country in the Western world to build a railroad, build just 18 years after Britain built theirs.

11. Blue Mountains and Moons

blue mountain jamaica
image source

The Blue Mountains in Jamaica, named for the mist that covers them, are not just ideal for coffee. The mist that covers the Mountain peaks appear to be blue. The blue mist also covers the moon making it appeal blue. The phrase once in a blue moon does not cover the Blue Mountains as there have been dozen sittings of sapphire colored moons in the past 40 years

12. Orchids Everywhere

jamaican orchid
image source

Some people would never think orchids when they think about Jamaica. With over 200 species of Orchids growing wild throughout the island of Jamaica an astounding 73 of the species are unique to Jamaica. With 1,000 species of trees and 500 species of ferns, visitors are pleasantly surprised to know that Jamaica is one of best place to see wild flora and fauna.


jamaica vs us soccer 2015

Futbol, football, soccer or whatever you call it, Jamaicans know how to play it! Jamaica is the first team from the English-speaking Caribbean to qualify for World Cup. The Reggae Boyz as they are fondly known to the world went on to World Cup soccer finals in France in 1998.

14. Most Beautiful Women

Dr. Sanetta Myrie
Miss Jamaica 2015 – Dr. Sanneta Myrie

Many places brag about having the most beautiful women in the world, but Jamaica can brag and have the stats to prove it. Jamaican beautiful women stand strong, as they are the sixth country on the list of countries to win the Miss World titles. With 3 winners and 3 second runners-up, only Venezuela, UK, India, USA and Sweden have more winners. Just the size of Jamaica alone compared to these countries elevates the bragging rights.

15. I’m Drinking Rum and …

drinking rum

We all know Jamaicans love their rum! They love it so much, and wanted the world to know! Jamaica was the first island in the Caribbean to produce rum on a commercial basis.

16. Seeing Doubles

jamaican child
image source

The little island Jamaica has more multiple (two or more) live births than anywhere else in the world. Who would have thought Jamaicans were so fertile?

17. Strong Politics

obama visits jamaica

Jamaica is known for always making a clear stance. Jamaica was the first country to impose economic sanctions against the former apartheid regime of South Africa.

18. Google It

google it

Jamaica is a great innovator. In 1994 Jamaica was the first country in the Caribbean region to launch a web site! www. was launched in 1994 and took Jamaica to the world!

19. Mail It In

jamaican mail

In 1688 Jamaica was the first British colonial territory to establish a postal service.


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