5 Tips On Finding Good Houses for Rent in Jamaica

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homes for rent in jamaica

Jamaica, one of the top tourist destinations in the world, attracts all kinds of visitors. From families, groups, adventures, explorers, couples to singles, many people visit to enjoy its natural beauty, attractions, activities, rich heritage, and lively culture. There is certainly something for everyone. If you are planning a trip to the island and want to enjoy your holidays outside of the hotels, then you could consider one of the homes for rent in Jamaica.

You will find a wide variety of accommodation, with each type offering advantages and great price ranges. The main types include hotels or resorts, self-catering apartments, and self-catering villas. The rental price usually reflects the quality of the accommodation on the island, with the higher priced ones offering top quality furnishings, amenities, fixtures, and services. Of course, where the rental property is located will heavily impact the price.

When you rent a vacation home in Jamaica this can make your holiday experience an unforgettable one. You will not have the attention of cocktail waiters or servers which are at the hotels, but you are getting the privacy to relax and unwind as you experience the real Jamaica.

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learning 2 Why it’s important for you to know your budget before contacting home owners.
learning 3 Which locations are the most popular rental property options in Jamaica.

Finding Quality Homes for Rent in Jamaica

  1. You should look for travel books or websites that will allow you to read about the different areas of Jamaica. Most of the vacation rentals can be found in Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, Discovery Bay and various other resort towns, but you could also find some good homes in smaller towns which are less crowded.
  2. Browse reputable websites with rental homes listings. This search will give you a chance to check out the rates for the rental properties in many different areas. You should also check the websites which list the vacation rentals by the owners of private homes, studios, villas, beach cottages and more.
  3. Determine the amount that you have to spend on the house rental. The vacation home rentals in Jamaica are affordable for everyone, with luxury and inexpensive options available. It would be a good idea to think about the cost for airline ticket, car rental, activities, and more when choosing a property.
  4. Make contact with the owners of the properties you’re interested in or the property rental company. When you do this, you can request more photos of the rental home. If possible, speak directly with the property owners. It is also important to ask questions, which includes whether or not a deposit is needed, the amenities that the house comes with as well as how you would get the key.
  5. Rent a vacation property that fits your budget and appeals to you. You might want to pay with your credit card instead of check or cash in case something happens later.

More About the Houses for Rent in Jamaica

If you want to rent a home in tourist areas such as Negril, Ocho Rios, Falmouth, and Montego Bay, you should know that these are usually in high demands. The smaller, more economical type of rental properties includes condominium or apartment. These are usually simple units which are found in buildings that offer basic accommodations and they are smaller with one living area, kitchen, bedroom(s), and patio or verandah. They are not equipped with the luxurious amenities that you will find at other properties in high end areas, but you’ll have access to a common pool, a front desk, and some staff. Offering very good value for money, the apartments and condos boast the same amenities as hotels for the most part, but can come with kitchen as well as staff to do housekeeping and cooking at times.

Vacation Homes for Rent

The villa rentals in Jamaica are actually the most popular type. They are available in many different sizes, including comfortable and quaint homes with one bedroom to the big, luxurious mansions with nine bedrooms. Both options as well as everything in between could be very economical. As an example, you could rent a large nine bedroom villa for a group with eighteen people and split the cost to pay a very affordable rate.

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places to stay in Jamaica.

Most of the villas in Jamaica offer a full complement of staff that usually includes one cook, gardener, housekeeper, security guard, and sometimes a laundress and butler. Bear in mind that the security guards usually work at villas with staff to ensure that all the guests are safe. That is one of the other benefits of renting a villa home that is fully staffed. What’s more, most villas boast a private pool, while a few of them have tennis courts and gyms. Quite a few of them offer beachfront or give passes to guests who want to enjoy private beach clubs during their stay.

In Conclusion

Keep these tips in mind when making plans for your visit to ensure that you choose one of the best homes for rent in Jamaica. Aside from securing the accommodation, you need to pick the time of year carefully so that you can get the most from your trip.


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