authentic jamaican rum punch

Image Source Who doesn’t like a cold refreshing authentic Jamaican Rum Punch! Yummy! Just the thought brings the smell and nostalgia back of sipping on one in Jamaica. Lying out on the beach, getting your tan on! First sip you taste the sweet and tanginess of the juices then the distinct Jamaican rum flavor hits

caribbean fruits

There’s just something about sitting down at a table, porch steps or just under your favorite tree, savoring your favorite bowl of fruit right? It could be mangoes, apples, sugar cane or a ripe piece of pineapple, you just don’t feel like there could be anything else better at that moment in life. Everything moves

best jerk chicken recipe

Every now and again in life it’s important for you to spice things up, especially in two places of your home. You bedroom and of course the kitchen. There’s nothing worst than stale food and stale loving right? There’s not better food to kick the spice up a notch with than jerk chicken. The traditional