beach beach in jamaica

Jamaica is home to dozens of beautiful beaches and thanks to our tropical marine climate, beach season is all year round. Are you in need of some sun, sand and relaxation? Are you longing for a swim in the cool Caribbean sea? Well then, get your beach body in check, and let’s hit the road.

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Jamaica is a well-known island country located in the Caribbean with a population of nearly three million. Increasingly more people are choosing this destination for holidays simply because it offers good weather throughout the year, beautiful scenery and beaches, plus a wide range of resorts and activities. If you are thinking of visiting in the

authentic jamaican rum punch

Image Source Who doesn’t like a cold refreshing authentic Jamaican Rum Punch! Yummy! Just the thought brings the smell and nostalgia back of sipping on one in Jamaica. Lying out on the beach, getting your tan on! First sip you taste the sweet and tanginess of the juices then the distinct Jamaican rum flavor hits

If you’re in need of some inspiration and motivation, you’ve come to the right place. Imagine sitting in your favorite chair, throwing in your favorite Bob Marley mix and just zoning out and vibing on a Sunday. You can’t help but ending up in a good mood, feeling great and wanting to take on the

usain bolt inforgraphic

Have you ever wondered what makes Usain Bolt the world’s fastest sprinter? Is it really the Jamaican Yam and Banana or Is it his favorite snack, chicken nuggets? Is it because he’s dedicated to his practice routine or loves to let loose and party? Everyone really wants to know. We’re sure even the envious American