10 of the Best Jamaica Wedding Venues You Should Know

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jamaica wedding venues

Jamaica has a natural beauty that has been seducing romantics and couples from across the world for decades. This is especially true for persons who come to the island for destination weddings. From the majestic waterfalls to the tranquil ocean fronts, it will not be difficult for you to find the ideal spot to tie the knot if you want to bask in the warm sunshine. This page has some of the best Jamaica wedding venues that you can choose from.

The wide-ranging wedding venues in Jamaica include many resorts and hotels, beautiful beaches, banquet halls, villas, cliffs, and much more for getting married.

What you’ll learn in this post:
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learning 3 The Best Facility for Weddings Large or Small.

Here are Some of Jamaica’s Best Wedding Venues

Strawberry Hill In Kingston

Located in the cool hills above city Kingston and nestled on twenty-six acres in the striking Blue Mountains at 3,100 feet over sea level, this property has a 360 degrees view as well as a variety of villa and garden settings for weddings. It is an exclusive boutique hotel with all the right ingredients for truly memorable weddings.

Round Hill Hotel & Villas In Montego Bay

round hill villas

A luxurious hotel located in Montego Bay, Round Hill offers many wedding venues from sun-kissed beach, high terrace with stunning panoramic views to expansive green lawn on the ocean front. There are many beautiful settings available to hold up to 200 guests comfortably, whether you want an intimate, quiet ceremony or a lively and vibrant reception. This location has everything that you will need, plus you and your guests are able to choose a secluded villa or an oceanfront suite or room.

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The Tryall Club

With over seventy private villas in close proximity to each other, this location has many options for wedding venues. One of the great things about having a wedding here is that only one ceremony will take place at a time, even though the property is large. This beautiful place will not only provide the ideal backdrop for you wedding ceremony and reception, but allows you to get more attention and feel really special on your big day.

Hummingbird Hall

humming bird hall

This is an all-inclusive, multi-award winning, boutique wedding venue at Rose Hall Estate, Montego Bay. When you choose this gorgeous venue, you can expect gourmet cuisine, live entertainment, custom wedding design, unlimited bar, bespoke cakes, gardens with waterfall, butterflies, and friendly birds, plus many more. It is loved by celebrities as well as independent brides and grooms.

Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa

This is one of the premiere oceanfront resorts in Jamaica, as well as the top destination for special occasions like weddings. Offering a combination of modern comfort, historic beauty, and its famous charm and hospitality, this resort has many wonderful Jamaica wedding venues. It’s on 400 acres, so couples can tie the knot in one of the many gardens, a secluded waterfall, poolside locations, gazebo, seaside ruins, or even on stone steps of the famous Rose Hall Plantation House.

Half Moon, Rock Resort

The perfect venue to choose if you want a low stress destination wedding that is high in glitz. There is a diverse selection of wedding venues available from indoor to outdoor, grand to intimate, beachside to poolside. Whether it’s for your wedding ceremony or honeymoon, many packages are available to suit your needs.

Couples Tower Isle

Located on the North Coast, this all-inclusive five star resort is on 19 acres which seamlessly combines the Caribbean’s sensuality with the glamour and elegance that is fitting for A-list crowds. The setting provides all the magic that you would want for a wedding. There are scenic views of the stunning turquoise sea, lush tropical gardens, sandy sun-splashed beach surrounded by palm trees and more to create the perfect backdrop.

Hotel Mockingbird Hill in Port Antonio

hotel mocking bird hill

Tucked away between the Caribbean Sea and the Blue Mountains in Port Antonio, this hotel is just a stone’s throw from Frenchman’s Cove white sand beaches. It’s the ideal place to have a green weeding, especially if you are also looking for the finest of retro-Jamaica. You can choose from creative wedding ceremony options which include the green gardens or rafting down the river.

Sunset at the Palms Resort In Negril

Located in Negril, this resort has beautiful gardens which can be the perfect venue for weddings and receptions. You could opt for a ceremony on the white sand beach or an unspoiled serene tropical garden oasis with vibrant island music playing beneath a striking sunset.

Hotel Riu Palace Tropical Bay

Riu Palace Jamaica

You will definitely love this hotel if you want the big resort experience on sprawling grounds where tons of activities as well as nightlife and dining options are available. It can accommodate large weddings easily while offering a more intimate feel.

Although Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Negril, Port Antonio, and Kingston offer more wedding venues, you can still find others in quieter and smaller towns. This includes but is not limited to, Firefly in St. Mary with an expansive yard and Treasure Beach with its laid back vibes and many villas.

In Summary

When you are ready to choose the best Jamaica wedding venues, you will find this task a bit challenging. Hopefully the suggestions above will help you to make the right the decision.


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